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Free Video Training and Links to AMS Resources at new web site

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  • Free Video Training and Links to AMS Resources at new web site

    Free Video Training and Links to AMS Resources at new web site . Check it out, let us know what you think. Anything you'd like to see added to that site? Enjoy...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software

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    Thanks Corey !

    But what page must we visit when we want to check resources about Autoplay, or ?

    A few months ago, Brett posted a free plugin named "AMS Code Viewer"...I use it but it isn't on any plugin page, although it's very useful...
    And could we have a link to the "Popup Menu" plugin, too ? So we would have a complete "resources center" about Autoplay.

    Thank you for all the help IR provides to their customers to help us working with Autoplay !



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      Hi Arnaud. Thanks for the kind words.

      Ok so the plan I think is to have serve as the one definitive master list to all of the resources related to AutoPlay Media Studio in addition to some unique content as well like those training vids. So the short answer is that if you go to you will find links to everything.

      Now that being said you;d still have to go through and surf each link to see what's there, i.e. you may find stuff on our main site only, etc. That's the way it's evolving anyhow. The goal behind splitting things up is to simplify things, as we evolve we'll do our best to work out all the wrinkles.

      You have a point about Brett's stuff from but we're still getting everything together, I'm sure it's all going to be there at some point. Although I think if you go to the AMS section of our main site here and click on "Addons" you can already find his stuff there... As time allows Icy North will no doubt expand it's offerings so we'll defintely figure out a way to make sure you guys are all kept up to date on releases, etc.

      Defintely the very best thing to do is surf the forum though, Brett and I always make a point to announce new stuff here.

      Hopefully we will be bringing some new developers into the club soon too. OK so *all* that being said, we have an incredible new site coming out very soon which contains a project exchange and about a million other things, so once that comes out it should make things a lot easier. Keep tuned to the forums for word on that, won't be long, it's already complete and in final testing!!!

      P.S. There's also a bunch of new training CDs coming out as well we have some more HUGE stuff coming out right on the heels of the new site, so never fear, the momentum is just beginning. We finally have some traction in our web infrastructure and things are going up fast now. Look for lots of HUGE surprises over the next couple months, all geared directly for you guys.

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software