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  • Forms

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to use some forms that are 8x10 the prob is I need to scroll the page up and down then print it... any sugguestions?

  • #2
    Sorry Bruce, I don't quote understand what you are asking. Are you talking about a form in a web object?


    • #3
      I'm sorry...
      I scanned some forms and am trying to use AMS to fill in the blanks. they are bitmaps (an image) their to involved to reproduce so I scanned them. Just wasn't sure how I should go about this.


      • #4
        Have you considered importing the scans into Acrobat and using the PDF forms tool? If that fits the bill, you could then display the PDF in a webobject.
        -Scott F.


        • #5
          Yeah sure did, but it requires that you use Java as a means of basic math. Does anyone else and a handle on that? Otherwise that would fit the bill:


          • #6
            Does anyone know how to do basic math in Java to then be used in a PDF?


            • #7
              Ok, letís resurrect this beast!
              I am trying to do some basic math in a PDF (Java) thatís running in a AMS project.
              I have three fields. I want to times field 1 by field 2 and put the answer in field 3.

              As an example:
              The code below would be put in field 2 and shows the results of what ever was in field 1 times the number 2.

              var f = this.getField("1")
              event.value = f.value * 2

              Any one into Java? Please help!


              • #8
                I think I got it!

                var a = this.getField("1")
                var b = this.getField("2")
                event.value = a.value * b.value

                This should be a big help!