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Media Player Plugin & URL

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  • Media Player Plugin & URL

    I don't know if exist, but I would like that the MediaPlayer plugin can accept a URL address, to play a video through the network, using maybe the RTSP protocol .

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    1) I might be wrong but I believe RTSP protocol is for Real Player. Could it be mms you meant?

    2) It currently works fine to load remote URLs, just add it to the URL field as you would a normal file, i.e.:

    MediaPlayer.Load("YourObjectName", "mms://YourStreamURL");


    MediaPlayer.Load("YourObjectName", "");

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Hi Corey.

      I have proven the RTSP protocol with the last versions of Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealOne.

      and surprise, work with MediaPlayer Plugin.

      In my test I use mpeg-4 video files, with EnvivioTV.

      the procedure was very simple.
      for example:

      MediaPlayer.Load("VideoPlugin2", "rtsp://");
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        That's very cool!
        AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!


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          Sweet! :

          Yes it seems I made a mistake, RTSP is a streaming protocol. Up until now mostly used for deploying .rm failes but it can also be used for deploying .wmv and .wma files as well and is becoming more popular for that purpose. Cool, I learned something, thanks for the enlightenment.

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software