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  • Activation Question


    I have just piurchased a copy of Autoplay Pro and installed it on my notebook computer at work ( and activated via the internet).

    I noticed from an earlier thread that the licence allows a secondary system ( home PC, large HD,screen etc) to also be activated. Is this true? Notebooks are fine for design layout, script development etc, but for graphics and video one does need a decent system, and I tend to work at home sometimes to cover this.

    On the laptop, the question I raise is; do you use MAC addresses? The problem as I see it (if so) is that the dock station has one address, the built-in ethernet another, and if using a wireless adapter, a 3rd address is introduced!

    What happens if a PC motherboard changes or the OS is reinstalled? I would assume that you keep a log of how many keys are issued to any individual purchase and can track abuse etc that way ( I support initiatives to minimise abuse as revenue allows product development as we well know!)

    Appreciate any answers.

    Many thanks,


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    Please direct specific activation questions such as this one to [email protected]. For security reasons we don't discuss the details of the activation system on these forums.

    My best advice would be to try the activation on the other system and see what happens. If there are any problems, please contact our sales department and we would be glad to help you out.