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Hey guys, just got the Powerpack and have a problem

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  • Hey guys, just got the Powerpack and have a problem

    I just downloaded the power pack Vol 1 and tried to just mess around with it. I created a thumbnail project and tried to build it without changing it and got this message:

    Error: Plugin "C:\Program Files\AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional\Plugins\Objects\THUMBLIST\THUMBLIST.A PO" is not licensed for re-distribution

    To be honest, I'm still using version 4 and haven't started using version 5 properly yet. Anyone know why this has happened?

    Thanking you....

    PS: Good to be back on the forums, haven't been here for a while!
    If you can read this, i have yet to write a witty and imaginative signature.... sorry...

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    Welcome back to the forums! That message shoudl only appear if the software was not installed correctly. Please try re-installing it and if it still doesn't work, open a support ticket: