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Little help please.

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  • Little help please.

    Hello. I don;t know os this the right place but I am new at this and i have a problem. Now here is the sutation: when starts the autorun it played small flash movie i will call it flash1. When i press button1 it's hide flash1 and play flash2. Now here is the problem. I want to do it when a push button2, to chek if flash2 is played and is it is to hide it and play flash1 again, but if it is not play to do nothing. I've try many thing with IF and so other but i can't make i work. Please tell me what to type to do that action (is it's posible).

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    Please :wah :(


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      two pages?

      Have you tried putting the two flash files on two different pages?

      You could even have a FS command say "FlashFinished" then have that trigger the button to become activated to jump to the other page...

      I think that's possibly the most straightforward way of doing it, but others may disagree...
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        i mean for same page two diferent flash.