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  • Install programs.

    How do I install programs using AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional? I've used similiar programs with no problems. What I do is save a lot of programs that I D/L off the net. Then when I have enough to fill a CD-R I burn them to a disk. What I want to accomplish is when I click on a program name it will install that program. If I have a "Readme" file that contains info about that program I can click on that to read it. I save the programs in folders with their name and version # and with other programs I"ve used all I have to do is point to the setup.exe in the folder and it installs. This is not the case with this program. All it saves is the setup.exe and that's it.
    Thanks to any and all that may reply.


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    Copy the programs you want over to the CD_ROOT folder. Then use:

    File.Open(_SourceFolder.."\\ProgramFolderName\\Set up.exe, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    as the action to launch the setup.exe
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      Thank you. That worked fine. I tried putting the programs in the "Docs" folder because that's where "" would put the "*.exe".
      Thanks again for your time and attention.