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Mouse Rollover Actions ??

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  • Mouse Rollover Actions ??

    Hey group, you guys were so quick to answer my last question, here's one more !!

    I have some buttons on my page that do 3 functions:

    -On Click == Page Jump
    -On Enter == Show Paragraph Text
    -On Leave == Show "Blank" Paragraph Text

    Is it possible to have the On Enter & On Leave do a transition, such as fade or slowly change to the "Blank" Text ??

    Hope that makes sense, I can't find an answer anywhere !!

    - kid

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    If you the text is not dynamic in the project, you could save the text out as a PNG image using transparency. Then on the mouse enter use the image opacity to fade it in and out.

    Here's a thread with an example of faiding images in and out


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      That'll work. Also you might even be able to simulate that using different pages with page transitions by doing a page jump on rollover, it's a thought...

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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        Thanks for the help -

        I'll try that out, and keep ya posted....

        - kid


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          Actually, oops, now that I think about this Worm's solution is the correct one, my idea here was flawed cause it fades the buttons too, didn't think it through... :o

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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            Thanks Worm and Corey...

            I used photoshop and created an image of the text....

            it worked pretty well, but since i have 7 buttons in a row it cycles through them kinda slow....

            I'll just have to keep messing with the opacity percent i guess...

            i was changing them by 10's
            then i went by 20's...




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              If you wanted the text to by dynamic and fade in and out, you should be able to do something like that with Flash. Not that I am a flashy guy but I think it should be able to be done.
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                Yeah it's easy in Flash but no background transparency. As to tmaking your fades smoother, increase the timer rate. 10 frames per second is fine for smoothness, so you should have your timer set to 100 ms and then fade 10% opacity per timer cycle. you can tweak that as needed but that should make a good basis for smoothness.

                Swish in particular is a good quick way to create flash text but also, and a *lot* of people do not seem to know about this, you can also do it in Dreamweaver too! Just go to INSERT > INTERACTIVE IMAGES > FLASH TEXT it's da bomb.

                Corey Milner
                Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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                  I recently purchased SwishMAX... if I can chime in here. And I am really happy with where this product is at now in its life cycle.

                  There are many 'transition' options built-in, as you may know, as well. And to top it off... I like that you can tweak these transitions to meet your project's goal(s).

                  Just drag blocks of 'transition' left, right, up, or down on the time line! To make professional 'compound' transitions.

                  To me this is a must-have application in my ASM5 (pro) project development arsenal.


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                    That's pretty cool guys.

                    I've been looking for a way to have a Flash item in my AMS project that displays text taken from an online XML file. I just want to do a simple news display item and Flash sounds like the way to go.

                    Any ideas?