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Demo Project : Using Paragraph Slider to Control Objects & Actions

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  • Demo Project : Using Paragraph Slider to Control Objects & Actions

    OK this is just a simple demo based upon the concept Yossi came up with, basically the slider controls the ball. This solves the non-skinnable slider issue since these paragraph sliders can be skinned. Although I notice performance gets a bit choppy with custom skins so that maybe better suited to say, a volume button, or something where the animation itself is not the desired effect. Bottom line here, you can precisely control any type of content or actions now using a custom scrollbar/slider, so this is a very cool trick. Attached - >

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software
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    Tell me, what is the purpose of the Dialog Message on the onleave event on the slider?

    P.S. I have implemented this as an AMS control for a flash object, where I have a sequence of images of a 3d object in flash and the "slider" allows browsing back and forth, similar to VR.