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Thumbnail Plugin question

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  • Thumbnail Plugin question

    Ok...just getting around to try and understand the thumbnail plugin.... For most of my applications I will just have a preset page to scroll through various image catalogues...meaning, I do not want to "open folder". When the user navigates to a page the thumbs are there.

    None of the tut's really explain the process. The help just says drop it in a point to a folder....I have no idea where I am supposed to end up...meaning, I have very little desire to learn boolean....just, point and click to get a desired result.

    So what would be my first action when arriving at a certain page? Load folder, open folder, etc?

    I took a folder of .jpg's and dropped into my project and could not get anything to do anything. :(



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    First thing you have to do is create a table of the file paths that you want to load into the Thumb Plugin.

    --Get all .jpg files from a folder and store them in table "ImageList
    ImageList = File.Find("C:\\MyDir\\", "*.jpg", false, false, nil);nd

    --then add them to the Thumbnail object named "ThumbNails"
    result = ThumbList.AddFiles("ThumbNails", ImageList, nil);


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      thx kps....I have no idea what you are talking about...but, at least I can go in some direction.


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        Sorry to leave you hanging AK, I just haven't had time to play with the plug-ins. Soon. I realize that's no help, just wanted you to know though.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Thumbnail Plugin question

          I am also in the same situation, I do not want to "open folder" either, just navigate to thumbs on a page.



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            OK... I'll see if I can baby step through this...

            Create blank page in a project

            Add a thumbnail object to the it "MyThumblist"

            Now you need to have a folder of .jpgs within your CD_ROOT folder for the project. Lets name this folder Images and then copy a couple .jpgs into there.

            Now that you have some JPG's in your project folder lets add the actions to populate the thumblist.

            First you need to specify a location and filenames for the .jpgs you want loaded. We will do this with a file find action that we will add to Page Show...

            ----Get all .jpg files from a folder and store them in table "ImageList
            ImageList = File.Find("Images", "*.jpg", false, false, nil);

            This basically means get all file paths for .jpg files in the folder "Images" within your CD_Root project folder and add them to the table named "ImageList"

            Now we have a list of images to populate the thumblist with. Add this action to Page Show...

            --then add them to the Thumbnail object named "MyThumblist"
            result = ThumbList.AddFiles("MyThumblist", ImageList, nil);

            This essentially loads your "MyThumblist" object with all the files in the ImageList table

            That's it... I'll attach the page so you can see it
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              thanks bro for the baby steps....THAT HELPED TREMENDOUSLY!

              Will try it this weekend.....