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Creating "Layout" Tables?

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  • Creating "Layout" Tables?

    Hi everone.
    I'm new to AMS 5.
    Is there a way to create a layout table, like in Word or PageMaker, in AMS 5?

    For example, I have a product image and I'd like to have a "table" or something similar, beside the image, which would list a handful of "Part #'s", "Descriptions", "Applications", etc.

    I looked at the Paragraph object, but there's no way to change a word or "label" in the paragraph text to a different font/size/color... For example, I'd like to have the label "Item Number" to stand out...

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Ron. You would have to use HTML to use tables, in AMS tables are something different, they are arrays for storing and handling values. Label objects make great titles.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software