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File.Open Not Finding File when path pulled from Registry

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  • File.Open Not Finding File when path pulled from Registry

    Having a bit of trouble finishing a function that, after it verifies the path of a document, uses

    pdfInstallPath = Registry.GetValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\\MyApp\\27", "InstallPath", true);

    File.Open(pdfInstallPath.."sample.pdf", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    *pdfInstallPath returns the correct pathing information, without the trailing backslash.

    This code returns "The Specified File could not be found" (after being run through:
    --Check to see if an error occurred.
    error = Application.GetLastError();

    -- If an error occurred, display the error message.
    if (error ~= 0) then
    Dialog.Message("Error", _tblErrorMessages[error], MB_OK, MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

    I have tried appending the backslash \ using .. and \\, but have not had any luck. If you could tell me where I'm going wrong, it would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for your time and help
    - Thomas

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    Have you tried this:

    File.Open(pdfInstallPath.."\\sample.pdf", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      That works perfectly Lorne, thanks again for the help!