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Avi files don't load in sync

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  • Avi files don't load in sync

    I am developing a medical project that will show two looping avi files side by side on a single page. I am using Setup factory to install the program so that it will run better from the hard drive. When I play the program the videos come in at different times, may be a second or two apart. The two avi files play fine in powerpoint, which is where I got the files in the first place. The files are 320x240. I need the two files to start playing immediately when I come to that page. Can you tell me what I could be doing wrong? Thanks

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    What if you try loading them without automatically starting them, waiting 1 second (Application.Sleep) and the doing a Video.Play one both of them in succession?


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      Brett, thanks very much for your response. If you could give me a quick example of what you mean. When the user comes to the page with both the avis should I add a page action or should I apply the application sleep to the videos? As you can see I,m a little confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob