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Reading large text files

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  • Reading large text files

    I'm having troubles reading really large text files in order to search through them and grab specific information from them. My code works great until the text file reaches about 2MB + in file size, and then it errors out saying I'm trying to read a table that has a nil value. I'm using TextFile.ReadToTable to access the text file. Is this a known issue or is there a possible work-around for my problem?

    Specifically what I am doing is creating a utility that grabs a list of text-based files used to generate 3D objects, reads through each of those text files looking for any textures used, then compares them to a directory list of texture files. It then spits out any textures that aren't used allowing me to quickly get rid of content I don't need that may have built up over many months.

    For my purpose, I only need to read through the first 20% of each file, but I can't seem to find any commands that would let me read a text file line by line without loading the entire file or anything similar. I'm open to suggestions in general or if anyone can point me to a solution to the apparent limit on file sizes.

    Thanks in advance!