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WinXPPro: Applicaiton running SLOW

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  • WinXPPro: Applicaiton running SLOW

    Hi Guys,

    One of my customers has come to me saying that the AutoPlay application i designed for them is running very slow, taking up to 30 seconds to perform clicking of buttons and page jumps etc. They are running very high end systems, P4, 512mb RAM, GeForce 440 video cards. So it doesnt make sense, they are runnign Windows XP Pro (i designed the app on windows xp home).

    He says that in the task manager under cpu usage the applicaiton is taking 100%, does this have something to do with Audio or memory management?


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    I had a very similiar experience - designed on OS WinXP Pro.


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      We haven't heard of anything like that happening. In order to look into it, we'd need to know more about your project and what it is doing. AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 is quite fast - we run tests on completely obsolete hardware all the time. Compared with previous versions it is *much* faster and even when compared to compiled software applications, it compares incredibly well.

      Some things like loading videos can take a few seconds, as can CD-ROM access (perhaps it's a bad burn, a bad CD drive or faulty RAM memory that is causing the slowdown?). Other things like over-zealous anti-virus software (or other system tools like "monitor" the OS) that is trying to scan your CD-ROM at the same time the software is vying for access can affect performance. These sort of things are pretty rare, but people install some strange things on their computers...

      One thing to try (depending on the specifics of your project), you might want to adjust the memory management settings under Project > Window Settings | Advanced. Read the help for full details. In some cases you can get a huge speed increase in exchange for using more RAM.

      If you eliminate these possibilites (starting with the CD itself and then the CD drive before moving on), please open a support ticket at so we can find out more specifics about your project and help you solve your problem. It's certainly not a general problem with AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0, so we need specifics in order to help you out.
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        I have noticed this as well, on one of the Windows XP machines I tested a recent project on.

        My first action was to replace the CD-ROM drive with a new one (temporary solution). There was no change in load up (slow, sluggish) speed.

        Now, on another unit I tried (Windows XP, again)... all is fine.

        Windows XP Home ED. = slow (for this project in question)


        Windows XP Pro ED. = fine (for this project in question)

        It is leaving me scratching my head. If one is looking for specific information (to a point of course) in solving this problem... please let me know what you need.

        Thank you.


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          as we can see, this definitly appears to be a bug in the AMS software, since multiple projects are experiencing these problems. My project doesnt use or access the CD-rom at all, its a downloaded file.



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            The project I am referring to never made it to a CD as the problem arose during development and I could not get past it. Other projects demanded my attention so I scrubbed it. I'll look into the RAM issue if I run into it again.


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              It is not a generalized problem, as there are thousands of people using the software without incident. That being said, if there is "bug", we will definitely work to fix it!

              From the information you provided, there isn't enough to go on. Please open an official support ticket at so our technical support team can look into the specifics of your project.
              AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!