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Wait 5 seconds before loading video on page

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  • Wait 5 seconds before loading video on page

    Is it possible to get a video to wait five seconds before loading?

    I am creating a presentation where a flash animation and a video file are included on the same page. I would like the flash animation to start running before the video appears.

    Also when the video loads it has two bands of black either side of the video. After a second or so the video expands to fill the whole area. Is there anyway of overcoming the initial loading issue.


    Stuart Cargin

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    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Puzzled why I have not got a response from the Indigo Rose staff.

    Stuart Cargin


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      Hi Stuart,

      Assuming you are using the Professional Editon, you can set a timer event to fire every 5 seconds and then execute your video actions in response to the On Timer event.



      Please keep in mind that this is a *user* community discussion group. While Indigo Rose staff are on here answering questions quite frequently, it is not an official support venue. To get one-on-one answers, please visit and submit a support ticket along with your product serial number.

      The great thing about these forums though is that there are a lot of really smart, talented and generous people who love to jump in and help their peers! While our technical support department can help you with standard technical support issues (see our policies at, the people on these forums have been known to go to great lengths (on their own time even) to help users accomplish some incredibly complicated things. Things that are *far* beyond the realm of technical support and heavily into the domain of free consulting work.

      In any case, this is a great place to post questions about anything you want. We try and get to them ASAP, but sometimes the speed with which things "disappear" down the list requires a little "bump" to get someone's attention!
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        Thanks Ted I will check out the timer.

        Just upgraded from v4 to v5 and with a very short deadline on a project I didn't have time to search for the answer.

        I wasn't aware of the ticket system and will use it in the future.

        Thanks again,



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          Another way would be to have a FSCommand in your flash at the proper time and have AMS act upon this FSCommand to launch the video. It may be more precise that way


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            Stuart, make sure to test lots if you are adding Flash and video on the same page and your end users' hardware is unknown. It'll be fine on newer systems but could potentially get choppy on old systems.

            Corey Milner
            Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software