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Pausing a Flash file

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  • Pausing a Flash file

    Last step on this project and then I can get on. Today's wish is to "pause" the flash. There is a no pause in flash, there is a video, but I tried the video and assume it is for supported video formats.

    So my challenge is to pause and re-start the flash.

    I have tried the start and go functions, the audio track continues to play so sync is lost.

    Thanks for the help

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    Easiest is to add a directly controller to your flash movie. For example there's a free flash component by Camtasia to add a controller to your .swfs, it also adds full video transport controls if you wish, it's fully configurable... You can download the free components for Flash MX here:

    Under, "Optional Add-ons for Camtasia Studio 1" where it says, "Camtasia Studio Components for Macromedia Flash MX

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Not so easy

      The Macromedia manager will not let me load the Camtasia unit without having Flash 6 on board. I am doing my creations in Swish, so now it is crunch time, Flash 6 or control? Hmmm.

      Anyway if there are other options, I would love to hear without getting into buying Flash6, and no it is not an option to ask a friend, too many files, it would really be imposing.

      thanks for any help


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        One of the many things I am working on is a Video controller for an externally loaded .swf. Here is a sample. The video size here is only 220x165. I do plan on making them for all of the popular video sizes.

        The project below is a total of 2 .swf's. Download the project file and take a peak in the Flash folder.
        Flash Video Controller


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          The sizes I plan on making are for:

          352x240 VCD NTSC
          352x288 VCD PAL
          480x480 SVCD NTSC
          480x576 SVCD PAL
          720x480 DVD NTSC
          720x576 DVD PAL

          Ya think that should do it? If not what sizes would you want to see?


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            While it is grabbing you files, I will go over it. It will be a God send for those of us not using Flash to author swf files. The concept around AP seems to be make it easier, make it better, so I applaud. Then again I have not got yours down yet.

            From an apps stand point I guess if I look at all the possibilities, yes you have it covered, but it comes back to the 80/20 rule, only a few will get used all of the time.

            If I were writing a training course, I would need to look at the end use and know it is not going to be full screen but give or take 60-80%.


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              seems to work great, it would do the job for what I need

              if you can share or show me how I would as always your humble student! Ok fine I would owe you!:


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                Ok having had a look at the code, I think you said you are loading an external swf. What about taking the players and wrapping around the existing movie, so concept wise a sprite inside a movie?

                That way you can asign a player per movie, just looking for the simplest way