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Using a splash screen?

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  • Using a splash screen?

    For the people who use a splash screen, how long in seconds do you have the splash screen up?

    Also, what size is the average size in pixels is the splash screen? Just curious what everybodys thought and experences are on this.
    Last edited by AGRO; 02-20-2004, 10:06 AM.

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    This will depend on the content AGRO. For example if you have some text there, read it fast and then times that by two. If you have no text then a few seconds is fine.

    Suggestion. Get a stopwatch and time Splash screens for a few popular apps, bearing in mind that these go faster on faster systems...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      In any case, I usually am giving the user the opportunity to "run away" from my splash screen. Even if time is longer than necessary (taking slow machines into consideration..). skipping feature is always welcome.


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        Yes, good point Yosik. Splash screen were invented back in the day to ease the pain of slow loading apps. They aren't relevant today. I try not to inject anything in between my end user and the core data I seek to impart. I've found that by making my core data the first thing people see, I generally get a better success rate at getting them to parse that info.

        Just a thought anyhow...

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software