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For the people who desire a transparent Flash intro..

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  • For the people who desire a transparent Flash intro..

    One of many Flash plugins to come.

    Transparent Flash Intro

    For the people who do not have Flash, and well for the people who do have Flash. I made, after banging my head on my monitor a few times, a true Transparent Flash Intro. This intro loads an external .swf of your choice, and makes it transparent. You do not need Flash to edit this.

    How to use:
    All you have to do is replace the the file "transIntro.swf" with your own and replace your AMS "autorun.exe" and the sub-directories with your own and you have it. Double click on start.exe and watch the magic.

    --Your flash movie must be called "transIntro.swf"
    --Your AMS projector must be called "autorun.exe"
    --Your flash movie will be centered in the monitor, if your flash movie is 450x300. 450x300 is highly recommended!
    --The splash screen lasts for 9 seconds.

    **This is a trial. Play with it for 30 days from the date of this post.

    Transparent Flash Intro

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    I got a couple emails from a few people who did not know how to change the files.

    What you download is a winrar .exe. To open the project just double click on the downloaded .exe. This will allow you to view the project as it was ment to be.

    To change or edit it:
    Extract the files of the downloaded .exe with WinRAR. They should look something like this below.

    Then you can swap out the files for your own.

    (cool icon huh?)


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      Due to a couple of requests I have added a "skip intro" button.


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        thanks for idea you have done this with swf studio program its a nice program for flash transparent