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  • help with listbox


    i want to use a listbox in order to open several Worddocuments.
    I was able so far to work this out, but 5.0 seems to have a
    slightly different approach on how to make this.

    I want to make multiple selections, and then open these selected documents.

    can somebody help me out, because i am really fooling arround now for 3 hours, trying to make it happen .... ?

    Many thanks

    Kurt Heyndrickx

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    If you haven't already, go to and sign up for an account there (its free). Then go to the Downloads section and go to the AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0/Example Projects category. There are a couple of great sample projects there that will help you see how to use the ListBox object more effectively.


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      Great !

      Hi Brett,

      i've just discovered a GREAT website, thanks to you !
      These downloadable testprojects are a big help.
      I managed to get the job done by now !
      9 hours to go, before we reach our deadline, but very happy !!!

      I'm working with AM, let's say once a month, on really nice projects. And everytime i am surprised on the possibilities of this GREAT software.

      I'm not a person who can go very deep in the programming language, but most things are quite convinient to find.
      The return from our customers is tremendous, just like the impact of the CD's on there salesfigures...

      like this,everybody's happy

      Thanks again,

      Kurt Heyndrickx