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Please help me!!!

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  • Please help me!!!

    Hi I'm newbie with Autoplay media studio.I've problem..
    Sorry for my english !!! I've a list of mp3 I have add on the page a plugin slider and I wish click on the song play it and the slider move with the song .When the song finish automatically playing the next song .. ( oh my english it' comment..) How can do it ? I'm newbie and i needs of an example if possible ... Please help me and sorry again for my english

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    Hi Milly. Ok an MP3 jukebox right? Thing is that the MP3 format is deprecated as of version 5.0 of AutoPlay Media Studio. Can you convert your files to .ogg format?

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      I can convert but .....

      Yes I can convert mp3 to ogg files .I don't know how to do to play files .I want click on song e play it and the plugin slider move with song and when finish play in auto next song. Can you help me with a example ? i'm newbie :( I've try but nothing :( pleaseeeeeeeee Many thanks ( sorry for english )