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Spotlight: WinButton Object Plugin

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  • Spotlight: WinButton Object Plugin

    Today we spotlight the "WinButton" object plugin by Indigo Rose Software. This addon is available for online purchase for only $19.99 US. This addon requires AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional Edition. It does not work with the Standard Edition.

    WinButton Object
    Use this object plugin to add standard Windows-style buttons to your AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 projects. WinButton objects automatically take on the look of the operating system, including Windows XP styles. They'll look just like they do in thousands of familiar Windows applications!

    You can easily customize the text and alignment, as well as choose between "push" and "toggle" styles. Actions are provided to both get and set the button text as well as the current up/down state. Events for handling mouse clicks, focus and keyboard presses are all included.

    For all of the technical details, please see the online help file.

    Click Here for More Information and a Free Demo.

    Screenshot of the WinButton object plugin being used in a sample project:
    AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!

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    I recommend this plug-in!

    One of my current projects is using this as a 'help section' (flash object) on/off (toggle) button.

    What happens...

    Flash object plays a small intro 'see what's to come' movie.

    Then when a user clicks on the WinButton object they can check out the 'help section' (Flash object change out of media content)... click on it again and the original 'see what's to come' flash movie loads but then I have it 'seek' to the last frame and that shows my web site's URL and a tag line.

    I am very happy with ALL of the plug-ins that I have used with concerns to Auto Play Media Studio 5.0 (Pro)! Top notch!

    Please, keep up the great work and support I.R.!


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      That's great! We'd love to hear from other people who are using this plugin (or any AMS50 plugin for that matter). Let everyone know what you're using it for and if it was worth it or not!
      AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!