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DivX video: with or without Media Player Plugin

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  • DivX video: with or without Media Player Plugin

    Hi Forum,

    I'm a bit confused about the use of the Media Player Plugin with avi's encoded with Divx.

    The video seems to work great without using the plugin, but it also works great using the plugin. However, as many like me, I'm looking for the most compatible solution for my products. In versions 3 and 4 I had to install the Divx drivers on the clientes machines, which was a bit of a drawback, but with version 5 this is no longer necessary. But the ActiveX control is still necessary, but I can check that very nicely with the Project->Dependencies.

    What should be the minimum requirements for the clientes machine to view this type of video ? Does the plugin make any diference in this matter ?


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    In general, if something works great without a plug-in then just go with that. No need to add more components to any chain than are strictly neccesary.

    As to Div-X, yes, you will definitely need to make sure the end user has an appropriate Div-X codec installed on their machine. As far as I know this applies to any video encoded with a codec system which is not native to Windows.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software