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    when printing from a web object...there is information on all 4 corners of the page including a title in the upper left hand corner, page 1 of whatever in the upper right corner, the path to the file in the lower left hand corner and the date in the lower right hand corner. My question is, can I remove this info somehow so the user does not see that info? where do i do this? also, can you print direct to the printer from other objects or is just the web object using html that will allow that to happen?


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    I might be wrong but I believe those are all factors on your end, i.e. related to the way your printer is configured to print web pages. But I might be wrong. There are several ways to print stuff, if you are after a very precise method you might want to look into using pdf or a flash .swf file with a printable frame (marked "#p"). That's an idea anyhow.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software