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Building the Project Question

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  • Building the Project Question

    Hi...could someone give me a help in some questions?

    1. When I build my project in a single executable and run it, apparently the exe loads in the Windows temp dir (I guess) and not in the folder I run it. So, the commands I used in the project with the _SourceFolder variable becomes invalid, since it will recognize the Source Dir as the windows temp dir. Am I doing something wrong?

    2. When I build in the normal way, the AMS creates an AutoPlay folder containing the files. Is there a way I can change the name of this folder (like the to the name of my project, for example) ? And is there a way I can encrypt these files so the user can't play with them?

    3. When I use the ZIP ADD command and ask to show de Status Windows, there is a message showed "Zipping" ... Is there a way I can change this status message the same way I can change the "Loading" message when building the project in a single exe?

    4. When buying the AMS license, there is a Activation Screen to the program. This Activation Program gets the Hardware ID so the Indigo Rose can generate a activation code for me. Someone knows if the Indigo Rose sells a program like this or can tell me of a place where I can buy a similar one to put in my applications?

    Again, tanx a lot for the help!

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    strPath = "";
    for i,strArg in _CommandLineArgs do
    if (String.Find(strArg,"SFXSOURCE") ~= -1) then
    nColonPos = String.Find(strArg,":");
    if(nColonPos ~= -1)then
    strPath = String.Right(strArg,(String.Length(strArg) - nColonPos));
    if(String.Length(strPath) > 0)then
    Dialog.Message("SFX Filename",strPath);
    tblPath = String.SplitPath(strPath);
    Dialog.Message("SFX Folder",tblPath.Drive..tblPath.Folder);