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Several languages - how?

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  • Several languages - how?


    A couple of years ago I made a project with Autoplay Menu Studio 3.0. I was able to use texts in several languages with different code pages (English, Russian etc.). It worked fine (just set appropriate script in a font selection dialog).
    Now I have tried AMS 5 and I have not been able to to the same. Russian or Chinese text turns into ????? (System Language is set to English). What have I done wrong?


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    I know that template, but...

    I know that template, but its purpose is a bit differenet, i.e. system language detection. That is not a problem.
    The problem is that I cannot use Russian text in labels or in paragraphs. Russian letters turn into question marks. But I am able to use Russian text in AMS 3.0 without problem (the same PC, system language English).
    What is the matter? Was that functionality removed?



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      I had similar problems.
      It is necessary to expose cyrillics in parameters of the text.
      You can write to me, we can communicate in Russian!
      ([email protected])


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        Here is the file with the example. It has correctly symbols of cyrillics.
        It was made with AMS 5.0.
        Attached Files


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          Thank you for the example.

          It displays correctly even if the system language is not Russian. But I cannot add more Russian text (the problem persists).
          However if I change the system language to Russian, then I can input Russian text correctly and it stays that way when I switch the language back. That is a consolation.
          The text of an object is displayed correctly in an input box untill you hit OK. If the text encoding matches a system language, it is converted correctly and stays that way, but if the encoding is different the text is corrupted. It looks like a bug or a feature only partially implemented :(