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Email attachments?

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  • Email attachments?

    Howdy y'all,

    Is there any method to create a zip file and then add it to the said email as an attachment? This would be a real help if anybody knows how to do this in AMS.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Using help files AMS:

    Add an Email Link
    AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 includes a built in action to open a blank e-mail in the user's default mail program.

    As an example, we will create a button that, when clicked, links to your company's e-mail address:

    Create a button object.

    Insert the following code into the On Click event of the button object:

    File.OpenEmail("[email protected]?subject=Your Subject Here", "SW_SHOWNORMAL");

    When the user clicks on the button, their default mail program will open a blank e-mail message to "[email protected]" with "Your Subject Here" as the subject.


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      Thanks but

      Yeah, thanks Gav, but I already have that bit worked out. That was the easy bit - what I am trying to do is attach the zip file to the newly created email.
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        I don't imagine that is going to be very easy to do in the same method. You see, the whole mailto shell command is very mail-application specific as it is and I don't think that they will support that kind of thing for the most part. In general attachments are added to email messages a MIME sections and usually have to be encoded (Bas64, etc.)

        One of your best bets to get files from your users to you would be to use the FTP plugin and make actions that upload the zip file to your FTP site.


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          Thanks for the fast response - that is certainly one way of doing it. I was considering getting the FTP plugin anyway. I just kind of thought that there might be a sneaky method of shortcutting the issue.

          Thanks again.
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            This thread might be of interest.

            It describes using blat.

            Blat thread


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              Thanks for the interest. Not really the route I am looking for, though - I think that the FTP is possibly the most elegant route, although I suspect a lot of my customers are the subject of tight network security policies that may prevent access to FTP sites. I'll sniff about and post anything that might be of help to anyone else with this question...
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