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I need suggestions to add a TV tuner

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  • I need suggestions to add a TV tuner

    I am developing an application in VB6 (VBTuner) that shows the live TV using a tuner card (WinTv-GO), I would like to insert this functionality in a development in AMS5.

    *How I can insert this application (VBTuner) in AMS5?
    If this is possible, how I can control the only functionality of the application (the change of channels) using the On_Key events,is to say, How I send commands from AMS5 to VBTuner?.

    I would appreciate much any suggestion on the matter, even if another way exists to solve this.

    Thanks to all.

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    I am not familiar with VBTuner or WinTv-GO at all. Is there a way to embed the video into a html page? Windows media player? I think these might be your only option. Maybe some of the video guru's could add or correct me on this.


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      Hi AGRO.

      Excuse my poor english, the "VBTuner" is the fantasy name of my development (it could be anyone), and WinTv-GO is the comercial name of a tuner card Like Ati cards.

      the only way that I found at this moment for developing a live Tv is using a OCX from Hauppauge!, this is for VisualBasic, Visual C++ and C++ application under Windows95 and WindowsNT.

      I donīt know if this ocx could embedded a video on web page.



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        Hauppauge, puts out (IMO) some of the best TV tuner cards.

        When your VB6 application goes 'gold' please let me know. I would be interested in such.



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          Hi fcc,
          As you can control a VB script from Flash, you could either remain in Flash (as a projector), or integrate it into AMS.

          Here is what I found in sitepoint:

          1. Create a new VB project.

          2. Add the Shockwave Flash ActiveX control to your project. Create an instance of the control in your form.

          3. Name the control "flashmov".

          4. Open the code window for your form (i.e the Form_Load event), and add the following code:

          'movie.swf is movie file
          flashmov.Movie = App.Path & "movie.swf"

          Note that the above code assumes that the movie is in the same file as the vb project.

          5. You can call vb function from flash by using fscommand.

          For example, you can create a button in flash and insert the action:

          //the below code is for flash not for vb

          6. Create the swf file.

          7. The vb code that responds to the Flash command is:

          Private Sub flashmov_FSCommand(ByVal command As String,
          ByVal args As String)
          If command = "execute" then
          MsgBox "Hey i can control vb"
          End Sub

          8. The code displays a messagebox when you press the Flash button.

          Hope that helps.


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            That's a very interesting project! Of course you can always use AMS50 to launch any executable, and you even can gain control over the app's window etc. Embedding it as an object is also possible, but would take some work. Options would include Flash (like yosik suggested) or perhaps the web object might be a route to try.

            The best way, but also the most work, would be to create an AMS50 plugin. It would allow total and seamless integration with all of the cool features in AMS50. You'd need to know some C/C++ programming though...
            AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!


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              Hi Yosik

              Your idea is very good, to use flash like interface of control between VB and AMS, but respect to your code I must clarify that the idea is not to reproduce a video file, but a video streaming, I mean, a video buffer.
              Nevertheless, I am going to use your code in my tests, thanks.

              Hi Ted
              I am very interested in knowing the technique to control the launch a executable.
              let us suppose that already I know launch a executable, how I could control this executable using AMS, I mean, without using the mouse with the focus in the executable?.



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                did u get anywhere with this? i have a need to get a video camera/usb camera input into AMS, would a flash applet let me do this?


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                  Hello to all, well, the application goes gold very soon, already is silver:lol
                  1.- Buy a WinTV Go Tuner Card (is the cheapest of Hauppauge).
                  2.- Buy and download the WinTV OCX.
                  3.- Chooses the HTML way.
                  4.- Insert a Web page into AMS5, and load the next file WinTV.htm, put this file on Docs folder of you AMS5 project.

                  5.- The WinTV.htm source:
                  <title>No title</title>
                  <body bgcolor="#000000">
                  <div align="center"><center>
                  <OBJECT ID="WinTVocx1"
                  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" FOR="window">
                  WinTVocx1.Enabled = 1;
                  WinTVocx1.VideoSourceByType = 0;
                  WinTVocx1.VideoFormat = 1;
                  WinTVocx1.Volume = 5;
                  WinTVocx1.ToolBarPosition = 4;
                  WinTVocx1.TuneCountry = 56;
                  WinTVocx1.Channel = 4;
                  WinTVocx1.TVMode = true;
                  That all.

                  This method is more easy that the VB6 embedded application.
                  Now the step that lacks to finalize the project is hide the web page for 1 or 2 seconds, is the time that takes to the ocx component for the startup.

                  Hope that helps