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Spotlight: Crypto Actions Plugin

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  • Spotlight: Crypto Actions Plugin

    Today we spotlight the "Crypto" actions plugin by Indigo Rose Software. This addon is available for online purchase for only $29.99 US. This addon requires AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional Edition. It does not work with the Standard Edition.

    Crypto Actions
    Crypto is an encryption/decryption plugin for use with AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional Edition. Whether you are looking for a secure way to encrypt your data, or a simple way to generate MD5 values from both strings and files, the Crypto Plugin is for you.

    The Crypto Plugin includes actions to perform the following tasks: Base64 encoding and decoding, Blowfish encryption and decryption, Generation of MD5 digests from both strings and files, and Ceaser-cypher ("rot13") text encryption.

    For all of the technical details, please see the online help file.

    Click Here for More Information and a Free Demo.

    Screenshot of the Crypto actions being used in a sample project:
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    Any serious developer should have this in their 'tool box' with regards to AMS 5 Pro (or Deluxe).

    This is another plug-in that is going to be used in one of my current projects. Matter of fact, I see this being used in many of my projects in some way, shape, or form!

    I like the fact that I can use this royalty free plug-in as part of the core coding for a custom designed front-end encryption application. Several customers have asked how they can secure their information better. Now, I will be able to offer them an application that will be simple to use, implement, and one that they will want to use over and over.

    Another great plug-in I.R.!

    Thank you.


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      Decrypt on the fly?

      Is it possible to encrypt a bunch of files (HTML, PDF, .db) and decrypt them on the fly with AMS to access them via actions/events in AMS?

      We're using SQLite, and it's working great, but we want to protect the database (.db) file from people opening with SQLite viewer tools, and only allow them to access the data through our application.