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Help on "CharacterSet" settings in source script...

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  • Help on "CharacterSet" settings in source script...

    I found a Tag in the SourceScript (Projektfile) witch named:
    Normally this is set to "0"


    Because I don't how i get no text after publishing I searched in google about "Character Set" I found a page

    with all Charater Sets on it. I found that the german CharSet is Nr. 24. So I replaced all

    <CharacterSet>0</CharacterSet> with
    <CharacterSet>24</CharacterSet> in the sourceproject-script.

    Now the EXE works well after the building - No missing Text.

    All other tries to bring the text on the window has faild. Also the try to change from "Verdana" to "Verdana Reg".

    What is the Tag <CharacterSet> ? And what settings are possible for this tag? What is the standard setting "0" ?