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Best way to secure video assets

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  • Best way to secure video assets

    Anyone have a good solution to securevideo assets on an AMS CD?

    Options like a password protected zip and ecrypting/decrypting aren't viable as they dump the files to a temp location and then play them. Plus it takes a while with large video files

    Ideally I'd like the file to be encrypted/password protected and not have the unencrypted file available somewhere on the hardrive. Maybe it decrypts to memory?

    Anyhow I'm stumped on this one...

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    When your videos are in QT format, the following might be an option. Below you'll find a thread that I posted recently:

    QuickTime Media Key

    I have encrypted a couple of QuickTime videos with Sorensen Video 3. This codec allows you to add a media key which prevents unauthorized users from watching its content.

    Has anyone worked on something like this?

    I'm especially interested on how to 'call' the video from AMS with the Media Key.
    On Apple's site I found something on using:

    Any help/examples would be very much appreciated.



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      Thanks, the sorenson codec was something I was aware of. I haven't tried it yet though... What's the compression like?

      I was really hoping for a solution for .avi, .wmv, and real media files. There just doesn't seem to be one .....


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        Sorenson is very good, all the samples here were compressed with Sorenson:

        It's a very good codec from our experience FWIW.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          At (, they also use Sorenson to compress their videos.

          Kind regards,


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            Just a note to help understand -, and presumably Corey/SpeedyTraining used the "professional" version of the Sorenson 3 codec. This version allows two-pass encoding, which renders much better results at smaller file sizes.
            Eric Darling
            eThree Media


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              Yep Eric's right. In our case though I've lately abandoned the Sorenson codec and am publishing our stuff as Flash via Wildform Flix Pro now.

              Corey Milner
              Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software