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Font Registration in Autoplay Media Studio

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  • Font Registration in Autoplay Media Studio

    Hi everyone, I'm making a Software DVD menu and i need to register some fonts temporarily while the user is viewing the DVD. I've gone through the help files and read some suggestions here in the forum, but i'm still stuck. It doesn't work. When the DVD plays, the font that i need, doesn't show leaving blank spaces.

    Please help


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    In the menu Project\Actions type in the following:

    fonts_dir = Shell.GetFolder(SHF_FONTS); -- Gets the path to the user's Font directory.
    File.Copy("Autoplay\\Fonts\\SWZ911XC.TTF", fonts_dir.."\\SWZ911XC.TTF");
    System.RegisterFont(fonts_dir.."\\SWZ911XC.TTF", "Swiss911 XCm BT", true);

    So, this assumes that you have a directory "Fonts" in your Autoplay project with the font "SWZ911XC.TTF".
    This will do it, I also had the same problem. The solution was to copy the font prior to execute the "RegisterFont".


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      Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!

      Actually my problem was that i didn't know where to include the code that would register the font. I would include it in the on start of the splash screen of the project, not the on start of the project itself.

      It seems to work ok now, except that i set the font to change colors when hovered over, and it works except that the last couple of letters don't change... any idea why?