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  • Fade transition between pages...

    Hi there folks complete newbie to the forums and APMS, but have to say what an App...!!!!

    In the middle of my first project and have wandered how I might change the transition style of my pages in a really slick manner try as I might I aint had to much success :(

    What I'm trying to achieve is that Ad-Aware fade transition between my pages and understand it might be along the lines of inserting some code on the individual page's On_Show and On_Timer actions...?

    I''m trying to make it so that the pages fade between each other in almost a flash type manner...if this makes any sense at all?

    Any hints, tips or help would be greatly appreciated coz i'm down to my last few strands of hair having ripped the rest out now.

    thanks to anyone who can help me on this !!!!


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    <shameless plug>
    I know this doesn't help you now, but I am very close to releasing a Cross-Fade transition. Stay tuned to the forums and in the next couple weeks if it interests you.
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      Worm you are too funny

      <shameless plug>
      "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
      "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus."
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        Worm...have been reading through a few of your replies to similar questions and already know that I should definately follow your my eyes are peeled !!!!! lol

        Have found your "fade" .dll example around in the forums and looks fantastic and even I'm able to get some results (trust me this is saying something) just wandered if it's possible to acheive same results when exiting a page for another ???

        cheers once again and I got my eyes open !!!!


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          The answer is yes, and I believe there were samples posted showing how, but that goes back a bit. You can't really cross fade with that DLL though, you need to fade one out, then fade the other in. The one thing to remember about that DLL is that it will only work on a Win 2000, XP or 2003.

          The transition, however, will work on 98 and up. I'm fairly certain it works on 95, but I don't have a 95 box to test it on.


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            Another related one then...

            Thanks so far have looked across at the other posts and have found some great pointers...

            In relation to fade_in of the "Title Page" though, my user is presented with the first page that fades-in and is presented with 5 buttons that link to my other pages, however at anytime they can return to the Main Page can I disable the fade-in after they have left this page for the first time...hope that made sense...

            ie: they press button 3 and they are taken to page 3 when ready they want to return to page 1 again but without the page fading in again....?



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              In the Projects OnStart Up event:

              blnAlreadyFaded = false;

              In the On Show or Preload for the Page:
              if not blnAlreadyFaded then
              	--Do your transition here
              	blnAlreadyFaded = true;


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                no joy as yet...

                Hi Worm thx for getting in touch ref this poser...

                have followed your example and used the code provided but as yet can't seem to cancel out the fade effect ????

                any ideas I followed the advice and a little stumped at the mo...



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                  Here's an example.
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                    Worm you should be worshipped

                    What can I say Worm you did it again...thanks countless times over you are a being to be worshipped...

                    erm...any ideas on my other post by any chance...had to ask

                    once again thx for that example though it does just the trick...