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Searching for Multiple File Types

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  • Searching for Multiple File Types

    I have been playing around with the code lately trying to find a good way to search for multiple file types and have it be dynamic. This is what I came up with and thought I would share. This will prompt the user for a directory and then search through that directory for the files contained in the table FileTypes. There is an option that requires a toggle button to define whether you will recurse the selected directory. The code is noted below. If you find files it will then add that information to a list box with the filename sans extension in the Item Text and the full path in the Item Data. What you do with it from there is yours to decide.

    Comments are always welcome

    -- Display a folder browse dialog
    sDirectory = Dialog.FolderBrowse("Please select a folder containing the audio files you wish to add to the ListBox.", "");
    --[[ Get current state of Recurse option checkbox  This option 
    requires a toggle button to be placed on your page to 
    identify if the user wants to recurse the folders  If you do not
    want to use this function, then replace the togState variable
    in the File.Find actions below with either true or false]]--
    togState = Button.GetState("recursetog");
    --If the button is up then do not recurse 
    if togState == 0 then
    	togState = false
    --If the button is Down then do recurse
    	togState = true
    -- The togState variable will be use in the Find.File dialog below
    -- Ensure the user did not press cancel
    if sDirectory ~= 'CANCEL' then
         --create the required tables
         tFiles = {};
         -- additional types can be added to this table to find more files
         FileTypes = {"*.mp3","*.ogg","*.wav"};
         --Enumerate the FileTypes table to find all the file types
         for ftindex, ftvalue in FileTypes do
              audioFiles = File.Find(sDirectory, ftvalue, togState, false, nil);
              --if the audioFiles table contains something 
              if audioFiles then
                   for aIndex, aFilePath in audioFiles do
                   --Add the files from audioFiles to tFiles table
                   Table.Insert(tFiles, Table.Count(tFiles) + 1, aFilePath)
         -- If tFiles contains something
         if tFiles then
              -- Traverse the table containing the selected file paths
              for nIndex, sFilePath in tFiles do
                   -- Assign the desired text and data to variables
                   sData = sFilePath;
                   -- Set sText to the filename (without extension) using String.SplitPath
                   sText = String.SplitPath(sFilePath).Filename;
                   -- Add the item to the ListBox		
                   ListBox.AddItem("ListBox1", sText, sData);
              Dialog.Message("Error", "No files were found in the folder you specified", MB_OK, MB_ICONSTOP, MB_DEFBUTTON1);
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    Thanks, that'll be going into the scriplets section of my IDE fer sure!