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  • New question...

    Sorry folks but new topic here now...

    I have experimented with a Flash Splash at start up but can't seem to get my project to automatically start/continue after the flash has run...?

    the flash runs then once complete sits there on desktop until user clicks on it before being presented with my first there a way for me to set it that once the splash is finshed my project will automatically continue ???

    cheers folks


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    This is from the help file

    Flash File
    Start the application with a Flash movie.

    Note: When a Flash movie is used, the movie window will only close automatically if the Flash movie fires the FSCommand "quit". The word "quit" is case insensitive. For example, fscommand ("quit").
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      I might be missing something here, but you may want to look into "Dialog.SplashFlash" in the actions of your project. May solve all your problems.


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        Thanks for the hints guys...

        Thanks for the pointers folks will give them a try and let you know the results...