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  • Inheriting Page Properties

    AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Knowledge Base

    Inheriting Page Properties

    Document ID: IR10056
    The information in this article applies to:
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Standard Edition
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional Edition


    This article describes how to inherit page properties from any page in your application.


    As an example, let us assume that you are creating a three page project, and you want to use the same background for each of your three pages. The best way to do this is to set page 2 and page 3 to inherit the background from page 1. That way if you change page 1's background, the backgrounds of page 2 and page 3 will change accordingly.

    To accomplish this in AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0:

    1. Create a project with three pages.
    2. Add a background to Page1 (a solid color, a gradient, or an image).
      Page1 can have a solid color, a gradient, or an image as the background.
    3. Switch to Page2.
    4. In the properties inspector, change the Inherit Background property of Page2 to Page1.
    5. Switch to Page3.
    6. In the properties inspector, change the Inherit Background property of Page3 to Page1.

    You can also inherit objects from a page in your project. To inherit all objects from Page1, set the Inherit Objects category of the properties inspector (on your desired page) to Page1.

    KEYWORDS: AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0, Page, Property, Inherit

    Last reviewed: October 1, 2003
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