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Applying Changes to Multiple Objects

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  • Applying Changes to Multiple Objects

    AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Knowledge Base

    Applying Changes to Multiple Objects

    Document ID: IR10095
    The information in this article applies to:
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Standard Edition
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 Professional Edition


    This article describes how to change properties for multiple objects at the same time.


    It is often useful to be able to change the properties for many objects at once. To accomplish this in AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0:

    1. Select the first object.

    2. Hold down the Ctrl key.

    3. Select the remaining objects you wish to change.

    4. Release the Ctrl key.

    Any properties that are available for all the objects will be visible in the Properties Inspector. Make your changes as required.

    KEYWORDS: AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0, Properties, Multiple, Many, Objects

    Last reviewed: October 3, 2003
    Copyright © 2003 Indigo Rose Corporation. All rights reserved.