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Example: Transparent Splash Image With No Border

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  • Example: Transparent Splash Image With No Border

    I've heard this one asked a couple times, so here's one way to approach this:

    1. I created my main app and built it. In this case I named it "app.exe".
    2. I create a new project for my splash image and then drag 'n drop my main app "app.exe" into the "Docs" folder of this new "splash" project.
    3. In Photoshop I create a mask out of our logo image and then applied this as a window mask for my "splash" project in the Project settings dialog. I also added a colored image to the stage as an image object to act as a button for people who wish to click the transparent splash rather than wait the requisite 3 seconds.
    4. To finish off I added my actions. This included an OnClick action for the image object to launch my main app "app.exe" and close the "splash" app, as well as a similar action on the page timer in order to auto-launch "app.exe" after 3 seconds.

    It's pretty self explanatory, all the actions are in the Page OnShow and OnTimer events as well as the image object's OnClick event. Enjoy this example, if you have any questions just start a thread in the General Discussion forum and I'll be happy to answer ASAP.

    CLICK HERE for the source file

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software