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Tip: Sample Project Web Site:

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  • Tip: Sample Project Web Site:

    One of our forum members, Intrigued, has created a Web site devoted to sharing sample AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 project files. These files are created by Intrigued and other forum members. You can get to this site here:

    Note: is independently owned and operated. Indigo Rose Corporation cannot be held responsible for any of the content on or from the site and cannot answer any technical support questions about the site or its contents.

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    Just so nobody forgets, this is a great user-built site for fans of AutoPlay Media Studio.
    AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!


    • #3 - Free - Projects - Intrigued

      Thank you Ted for the bump. continues to see over a 1000 unique visits each month.

      A big thank you to those that offer projects for the rest of us to learn by and to those that stop by to view the list of projects.

      Tip: At this time, the most recent projects can be found at the bottom of the list.

      Note: Also, I have changed the download operation. Now, there is no new (_blank) pop up window when you download from the Website. It will open the download dialog in the window you are viewing.

      Remember, some projects downloaded from will not run correctly without having AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Pro (with is apart of the Deluxe package as well) installed. There are also a few projects that utilize .dll files (which you then need to make a Function Call too) and some projects have command-line driven embedded applications.


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        Also, I have changed the download operation. Now, there is no new (_blank) pop up window when you download from the Website. It will open the download dialog in the window you are viewing.
        Swank-eroo. Nice work I-man! :yes


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          If you don't mind, bumping.

          The site now contains over 100 project files that were either painstakingly (well, not to much pain ) searched for and found through the forums here and some that I have created and then uploaded directly. I have about 20 more that I have yet to upload still.

          Remember: Some files require you to have AMS 5 Pro (also apart of the Deluxe package).

          If you stop by the site... thanks and enjoy. Do you have some examples or full projects to share? PM me or just share them here in the forums in the proper thread and I will surely see them as I visit the forums here several times a day.



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            I have had not much time for the past five (5) months or so to add, update this Website but their are over-100 projects there! The FTP server that has those files actually has about another 20 to 40 project files to share, I just need to get back to uploading and updating I hope in the coming weeks/months that may become a reality.

            [/END BUMP]


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              Yippee!! I know how it is I-man, my hobby sites are going nowhere fast. I have to buckle down, roll up my sleeves, pull myself up by the boot straps, give my head a shake, take a deep breath, and, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the sites... And just get in there and make it happen, take it one day at a time, put one foot in front of the other, and... Well you get the idea, it's all about the quality of the cliches at this point.


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                  Well said. :yes


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                    Oh ya, btw, if one uses angle brackets (aka. less-than and greater-than signs) they can place blank posts, defeating your boards protections. I found this out just now by accident'tay! You'sins might want to take note so other unscrupulous folks can't take time to spam that from here till next Tuesday.


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                      Don't forget and the over 100 projects (mostly coded in AMS 5 Pro but as far as I have noted and others have said they work in AMS 6 as well).

                      I will look at getting a listing (links) of all files on this Website's FTP server for all to have access too. I never did get the Flash file drop-downs to auto populate. So, the next best thing would probable be fore me to just list an updated list of links of all project files.