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    But, don't you think it would be very easy to modify the logical drive serial number in another USB pen drive, copy all the data and use it (a copy). Or am I missing something. The problem that this serial is a software type serial, generated by the OS and written to the drive (anyone can do that, there are little applications for that). Instead, if you use a hardware type serial number like the one that comes with HD, that's another story. I use that fisical serial for copy prevention, but, if I'm not wrong, the USB pen drives don't have such serial number, or firmware id.



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      The serial is written to the USB drive when it is formatted.
      I have done some research on this in the last year. I do believe that it can be cracked. I haven't found a ready made app that would make it easy to write a serial to the FAT table, but feel that one could be written.
      Do you know of one?
      So, if the user has the determination and skillz, there may be a way to figure it out. I would say very, very few would even try. But, as been said a bizillion times, it's impossible to stop pirating, even the big companies just have to put up with it.
      I have been using the process for about a year, and have not seen copies yet.
      I get back from vacation next week. I will put a small apz showing how to use this on a pen drive application if anyone asks for it before then.


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        Here is an example of how to use the Drive Serial utility for a removable drive
        I am still using Worm's Drive Serial dll (located under Autoplay\Docs\dll). This can be converted to use the Drive.Enumerate and Drive.GetInformation actions, instead.
        I have changed some of the features of the drive serial checker.
        So get both apz.

        1. Insert the USB device into a USB port.
        2. Format the USB device and give it a label (preferably the name of the app for autorun.inf creation, later)
        3. Use the drive serial utility to create the encrypted serial and text file. In this example, use 2 in the Drive Type box.
        4. Put the browse.enc into the projects AutoPlay\Docs\enc folder and save the
        serial text for your records (customer database).
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          Dang it, I forgot to set the USB Key apz for removable drives, so get this one, instead.
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            Originally posted by Roboblue
            Dang it, I forgot to set the USB Key apz for removable drives, so get this one, instead.
            But not for AMS5 users such as myself - it's AMS6


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              AMS 5.0 users will have to get the old one, sorry.
              I forgot about that.
              I haven't tried to open AMS 6 apz with AMS 5, will it even open them?


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                Originally posted by Roboblue
                I haven't tried to open AMS 6 apz with AMS 5, will it even open them?
                Briefly, no but it is AMS6 'aware' i.e. the dialogue tells you it is an AMS6 file.


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                  Here is the code for the usb key apz for AMS 5
                  Just substitute the crypto actions with the crypto plugin actions.
                  and set crypto password for whatever password you have set in the Drive Serial Utility.

                  Put in Project-Global

                  ---function to create a random number tempfolder name, optional
                  function RandomNumber()
                  nRandom = "TMP"..Math.Random(1000000000).."";
                  function GoodUSB()
                  isBrowse = File.DoesExist(_SourceFolder.. "\\AutoPlay\\Docs\\enc\\browse.enc");
                  	if isBrowse == true then
                  	Crypto.BlowfishDecrypt(_SourceFolder.. "\\AutoPlay\\Docs\\enc\\browse.enc", _TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\is.dat", "yourpass");
                  	sISdat = TextFile.ReadToString(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\is.dat");
                  	File.Delete( _TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\is.dat", false, false, false, nil);
                  	tblDrives = Drive.Enumerate();
                  		-- walk the table to process each drive
                  		for n, DriveLetter in tblDrives do
                  		--Get the drive type
                  		nType = Drive.GetType(DriveLetter)	
                  		-- if the type equals 2 (removable), get it's Label, and Serial
                  		-- and add the information to the listbox.
                  			if nType == 2 then
                  			sSerial = DLL.CallFunction("AutoPlay\\Docs\\dll\\DriverSer.dll", "DriveSerialNumber", "\""..DriveLetter.."\"", DLL_RETURN_TYPE_STRING, DLL_CALL_STDCALL)
                  			TextFile.WriteFromString(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\sBrowse.dat", sSerial, true);
                  		sDriveSerial = TextFile.ReadToString(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\sBrowse.dat");
                  		nISdat = String.Find(sDriveSerial, sISdat, 1, true);
                  		if nISdat ~= -1 then
                  		File.Delete(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."\\sBrowse.dat", false, false, false, nil);
                  put in Project-OnStartup

                  ---generate tmpfolder name...optional
                  ---create tmpfolder
                  Folder.Create(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."");
                  ---check for encrypted file gotten from the Drive Serial app
                  put in Project OnShutdown

                  ---delete tmpfolder
                  Folder.DeleteTree(_TempFolder.. "\\"..nRandom.."", nil);
                  I am going to reup a version Drive Serial Utility that has a user input for the crypto action action password later, but only for AMS 6
                  I think TJ's IR Project Viewer will open both AMS 5 and 6. You can get the latest version, here.

                  here is Worm's Drive serial dll that goes into AutoPlay\Docs\dll
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                    Hi again,

                    Just do a simple google search: "change drive serial number" or similar.


                    this is one of the first matches. There you''ll find a small app that it's used for this.

                    Sorry, as I said, the only good solution is using a physical (like the HD's one) serial number. That one can't be changed I guess.


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                      Hi, I am fairly new to this. I have downloaded the .apz utility, but can't figure out how to run it. What program does this run under? Thanks


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                        Originally posted by newt View Post
                        Hi, I am fairly new to this. I have downloaded the .apz utility, but can't figure out how to run it. What program does this run under? Thanks

                        An .apz is actually a zipped AMS project file. If you have got AMS5 installed, you should be able to double click it directly.


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                          thanks for sharing! I just updated to 6.0 and so I tried your example! Works great! As far as CD's go, I thought you could set the serial number when burning with Nero? I'll look into it and post an update.

                          Again, thanks!


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                            I am glad it works for you.
                            In case you are interested, I carried it a ways forward and have made it the central part of a utility that has several tools for USB applications.
                            You can get more info here.
                            Or, visit the web page, here.
                            I have made a bunch of upgrades to the utility, but haven't had a chance to update the info on the web page.


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                              first of all thanks for guiding in right direction and second some one said for what we are using it.
                              well if you spend hours and hours on some application development i think you don't want it to be pirated and floating around for free.


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                                The main thing to remember is that even microsoft with it's billions cannot stop pirating. This little protection is just to keep the casual user from just copying the app to another uSB (or several) for their relatives. Unlike a serial number, this can't just be given out. There has to be some manipulation of the USB device to crack it.
                                It'll keep your USB app safe from most except the ones with a folder full of tools on their desktop. They'll crack it anyway.
                                In the USB LockDown Toolkit, I have made it even harder to get the key.