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    Hiyah All

    As the thread title says, I am a complete newbie ( 1 day ) to the AutoPlay Media Studio .. so please don't be too hard on me

    I have been using the built in guide, and have learned much, but I cannot seem to fathom out how to add files / photos, etc to a new page. Could anyone give me some easy to follow advice please.

    Much obliged

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    Welcome, you're gonna love it here

    When you say "add" photos and files to a page, what are you trying to do?

    To add an image to a page, add an image object to the page, and select which image you want to display. AMS will copy the picture to your project for you.

    The more specific you are with your questions the better.


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      Hi, thanks for your quick reply :yes

      Well, I have learned how to make the initial page, with the buttons, links, etc, and I would like to attach zipped files folders, photos,etc, to a particular page that I direct the button to go to, which will then show all the files, etc that are on that page.

      For example .. I would have a front page that may have two buttons on, one called Photos and one called Folders and whenever a button is clicked, it will direct to the page with the relevant items on, and the end user could download a particular item from the disc.

      Sorry if this sounds ' Double Dutch ' but I don't really know how else to describe it.
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        I am a complete newbie ( 1 day ) to the AutoPlay Media Studio .. so please don't be too hard on me
        That was one of the most "oh cool, it can do that!" days I had to date, so far with regards to I.R. products (specifically AMS 5 and now 6).



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          Thanks for the input folks .. I have managed to suss it out, so I can have a good play around with the program now :yes