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  • Just purchased Upgare Question

    Purchased the upgrade to 6 last nite on line. I have recieved the confirmation from share-it but have not yet recieved the email with download link. How long will it take to process this? Thanks in advance and great product! :yes

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    During business hours, you should receive your download instructions within an hour (but allow a couple of hours if things are really busy). If you order outside of business hours or on the weekend, you will normally receive your download instructions by 11 AM CST.

    The most common problem is that your "spam blocker" has blocked our email with your order confirmation. Make sure your "spam blocker" has * in the whitelist!
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      Yeehah! Sweet purchase, you won't regret it. 6.0 is a really worthwhile upgrade. In fact it's a rootin' tootin' sugar dandy!

      Thanks for the support MWMTex! :yes


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        And don't forget to update to


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          I believe your Spam filter may be blocking our emails because download instructions were sent to you yesterday morning before you posted this. We have sent download instructions again today as well.

          If you do not receive the email within 30 minutes, please double check your Spam filter and/or mail rules as they may be interfering with your email delivery. If you continue to have trouble, please notify your network administrator or ISP to let them know that they are not receiving all of their email messages, specifically those coming from "sales @".

          Hopefully this information is helpful.

          Sandy Gillson


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            My MS Outlook 2002 (as part of Office XP) had the MS default:
            All emails from [email protected] are SPAM.

            And it is not possible to edit the filter! Fortunately it is possible to ignore the default filter. Now Sandy isn’t sent to the trash can anymore. She comes to the inbox in RED!


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              Can this be confirmed by anyone else? If so, we'll definitely be changing our default email address. No sense sending something we know is blocked by a spam filter!

              csd214, could you attach a screen cap or 2?



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                The help doc:
                “The list of terms that Outlook uses to filter suspected junk e-mail messages can be found in a file named Filters.txt.”
                C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\1033\Filters.txt:


                The Junk and Adult Content filters work by looking for key words. This file is a description of exactly which words the filter looks for and where the filter looks for them.

                Junk E-mail Filter:
                From contains "[email protected]"


                Outlook 97/98, 2000, and 2002
                The criteria used to define what is considered spam by the junk e-mail filter is documented in the Microsoft Junk E-mail Filter Readme. You cannot modify the criteria listed. The Readme is for reference purposes only. The junk e-mail filters for Outlook 97/98, 2000, and 2002 (XP) cannot be updated.

                What I did:
                Outlook | Tools->Rules Wizard UNchecked "Junk E-mail rule"

                and created my own rule for "": "Mark it as high importance and stop processing more rules."

                The sender; even notification emails from the forum; is treated as a real VIP.


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                  Thanks a bunch, that's all i needed!