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Copying MP3 files to MP3 players

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  • Copying MP3 files to MP3 players

    Hi, here is the .apz file for my mp3 player copier, hope someone can help me make it do what it needs to do!
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    Originally posted by Arty-Media
    Hi, here is the .apz file for my mp3 player copier, hope someone can help me make it do what it needs to do!
    You can try this in the Copy button
    --Get the drive letter
    tSel = ListBox.GetSelected("tblDrives")
    if tSel then
    	strDrive = ListBox.GetItemText("tblDrives", tSel[1])
    	--Get Files
    	tSel = ListBox.GetSelected("files")
    	if tSel then
    		--copy each item
    		for i,v in tSel do
    			--get the data element which contains the file name
    			strFile = ListBox.GetItemData("files", tSel[i]);
    			--copy to the drive above, you could add a callback function to show the files being copies
    			--there is a callback function in the help file.
    			File.Copy(strFile, strDrive, false, false, false, true, nil);
    		Dialog.Message("Songs", "Select the files you want to copy to your ".. strDrive.." Drive");
    	Dialog.Message("Drive", "Please select a drive where you want to copy your music");
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      thanks for that, but when i run a program with a blank list box it then it wont run, i just get the following error:

      title box: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Runtime Error!

      Program: E:\cd_root\autorun.exe

      abnormal program termination

      DOes anyone know how this is stopped?


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        I made some changes to your app. I tried to comment the areas that I changed. I think your going to want to use a callback on your copy to give the user a visual of what's going on, but I left that for you to hammer on a bit. Post back if you need help.
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