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Audio help when creating CD-Rom

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  • Audio help when creating CD-Rom


    I'm having trouble with the CD-Rom I'm creating using Autoplay 6.0. I have created a main page which consists of a few logo's and four buttons on the bottom which navigate to other pages. I have also used a script stating that on preload to load a wav file into channel_user1 and an instrumental version of this track into channel_user2. On my main page I have a button which plays channel1 and a button which plays channel2 and also an off button. I have also set the script to play channel1 on loading the cd. When I navigate to one of the other pages I can still hear the sound playing through the track, however, if I then go back the track reverts back to the channel1 wav and begins from the start again.

    My aim is to have a main page and to be able to navigate through the pages with the wav file playing (either main wav or instrumental version) without it resetting back to the start of the main wav everytime I return to the main wav page.

    I'm sorry if this confuses anyone but I'm new to this and any help would be appreciated.


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    Load your audio via the 'On Start' event >> Project >> Actions.


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      Thanks for the advice. I now have my audio working as I wanted - Cheers