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String.Replace in a .htm file

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  • String.Replace in a .htm file

    Hi all;

    I'm trying to update a .htm file with info the user provides. Found this code in the Forum and it works well.

    -- Load in your html file
    SourceFile = TextFile.ReadToString("AutoPlay\\Docs\\FMP.htm")

    -- get the data from our input fields
    text1 = Input.GetText("Input1");

    -- Find and replace the text
    result = String.Replace(SourceFile, "Pers_Chrg", text1, true);

    -- Save the file
    TextFile.WriteFromString("AutoPlay\\Docs\\FMP2.htm ", result, false)

    Problem is I need to replace several sections of the SourceFile (Pers_Chrg, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Phone, etc.)

    Am I going about this the "right" way? How would one go about getting all the info into the file?


    Jim Smiley

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    Yes you are going about it correctly.

    Read the html file to a string.
    Make your replace actions on the string
    Write the string out to a file.

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      Attached is an example i cooked up. May not be the world's best (if you have a LOT of values, a table at the beginning and a loop would probably be better -- easier updates), but it works!!
      Attached Files


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        Thanks. I was having trouble with the order in which to place the data. Your example tells me what I was missing.

        I do have quite a bit of data so look forward to "Table" questions in the near future.


        Jim Smiley