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Dialog.Folder question

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  • Dialog.Folder question

    i made a dialog folder that after the user select the folder open a new dialog File that enter to the folder he selected in the dialog folder.
    my question is how can i get the location of the file he selected between the Dialog.Folder to Dialog.File.

    for example
    i select the folder "folder" and choose the file "file.exe" in the "tash" folder so the path be like that:


    the "folder" name he selected in the Dialog.Folder
    the file.exe he selected in the Dialog.File.

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    I think this is what you're looking for?


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      no dude. its not.
      if someone can help me thats will be great.



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        More details please

        Originally posted by RapD
        no dude. its not.
        if someone can help me thats will be great.

        Can you post part of your project, sample code or explain in more detail you want the actions to do?

        I don't quite understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. If I read correctly it seems like what you want to do is allow the user to select a file within a folder and then extract the full path of the folder where the file is located? If that is the case, look at the String.SplitPath to break apart the full path to the file into a table and you can use the parts to reconstruct the drive and folder to the file.

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