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How to make Trial then Full Version??? Pls Help

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  • How to make Trial then Full Version??? Pls Help

    Iwant to make trial version of CD then Make menu to enter reg key to be full version and if done menu came disable with MSG reg is wrong or success.

    this code from help

    -- Specify the length of the trial period, in days
    time_limit = 30;

    -- Initialize days_left
    days_left = 0;

    -- Retrieve previous value stored
    date_installed = Application.LoadValue("My Application", "Date Installed");-- Convert loaded value into a number
    date_installed = String.ToNumber(date_installed);

    -- If there is no previous value (date_installed == 0), create a value
    if date_installed == 0 then
    Application.SaveValue("My Application", "Date Installed", System.GetDate(DATE_FMT_JULIAN));
    days_left = time_limit;
    days_left = (date_installed + time_limit) - System.GetDate(DATE_FMT_JULIAN);

    -- Check if there is time left
    if String.ToNumber(days_left) < 1 then
    Dialog.Message("Trial Period Over", "This software has expired");
    Dialog.Message("Trial Period", "You have "..days_left.." days left in your trial period.");

    This code make trial but i want to add reg key then menu to add reg key.

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    No body do this

    ok then

    i got it and make project with trial period

    trial period one month
    you can add key from menu to make full version
    if trial period end Msg tell you software end then gialog box open to enter key that you i make it inside project.

    i will attached project v.soon