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  • confusing

    I am trying to make a front end for a cd-rom, but I can't figure out how to get it to install programs from the directory. I get to the execute program and then I am lost on the target, command , and working directory.How do I tell it where the directory and install file is?

    Please help!!!! Thanks, budbandit

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    Re: confusing

    To execute programs, open documents etc, AutoPlay Menu Studio must be able to locate your file. This is where the %SrcDrv% variable comes in very useful. When you menu is executed, it returns the drive letter that the menu is being run from, such as D:

    So, to execute a file "prog.exe" that will be located on your CD in the folder "Progs", you would set the action target to "%SrcDrv%\Progs\prog.exe".

    For more information on this, refer to the User's Guide chapter titled "Setting Actions". This should get you going!