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assigning icons for actual built exe's

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  • assigning icons for actual built exe's

    Can you change the default icon for the .exe (autorun or otherwise named), produced by the build. I am aware you can allocate an .ico file for the CD icon but what about the actual .exe or startv.exe ???


    Richard Sojka

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    Re: assigning icons for actual built exe's

    As stated elsewhere, there is no way to change the embedded icon in the autorun.exe or startupv.exe programs. They are embedded in the files' resources.


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      Re: assigning icons for actual built exe's

      Actually, you could download a program like microangelo and use its librarian program to alter the icon after it's already built. But: this could screw up the .exe, so back it up first. I haven't had any problems like that, though.


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        Re: assigning icons for actual built exe's

        As kind of a addition to the prev post about Mike.

        I found it a pain to change the icon for each menu... so if you make a copy of the exe, then edit the icon for the copy. Now you have 2 nearly exact files (only difference is the icon).

        Now use a program like UltraEdit (or some type file file compare util) and find where the string of differences are... use these addresses and values to make a "bytehunter" type patch.

        Now each time you are done with your exe, run the patch to change your icon, and voila... you've got your correct icon. Make sure you have a backup copy (although I guess you could just recompile) in case the EXE becomes unusable afterwards somehow.

        Also... you MIGHT search the directory you installed AutoPlay into with one of those icon searching programs... find what file has the default icon for menus (make a back up of course) then change the icon there... this would really only work if you wanted to have a different icon EVERYTIME.

        ONE BIG POINT THOUGH!!!!!.... you need to check with IndigoRose & Liscense how this last solution plays in with their liscensing...



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          Re: assigning icons for actual built exe's

          If you want to perform such a "hack" on the embedded icon you do so at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for this kind of modification.

          Although we do not legally object to changing the icon resource in this manner, you must not change the version information (our company name, copyright, versiion number, etc.) The reason for this is that we own the copyright on the re-distributable runtime file(s). You are licensed to re-distribute them but do not own the runtime engine.

          We will look into ways to make the autorun.exe icon more customizable in an integrated fashion in our next release this Summer.

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