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Editing or creating a file during install

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  • Editing or creating a file during install

    On my cd rom based product, a data.db file
    must be copied to the target drive during
    install that contains stuff like:


    Where the drive letter (F) might be G if the
    end user's cd rom drive is G instead of F.

    The file that contains this stuff is named
    data.db How do I get the drive letter of the CD from the end user and write that letter to this file and then copy that file
    to the target drive during the install?

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    Re: Editing or creating a file during install

    What product are you asking about? If AutoPlay Menu Studio, it does not allow you to write information out to a file nor does it support installation functions like copying files. You should look at using Setup Factory for that kind of thing.


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      Re: Editing or creating a file during install

      Both Autoplay and Setup Factory have handy built-in variables that you can use when referring to files on different directory structures.

      Try checking out the source directory variables such as %SrcDir% and %SrcDrv%. These variables are intended to isolate Autoplay and Setup Factory from absolute paths at runtime.

      For example, on your system %SrcDrv%\MotionBank is the same as f:\MotionBank, but on someone elses system %SrcDrv%\MotionBank would be mapped to their CDROM drive letter, like g:\MotionBank.

      In addition, Setup Factory has target directory variables like %AppDir% and %ProgramFiles%.

      Hopefully, this helps you in finding a solution.